Newsletter 9
27 JUNE 2023

The Knowledge Executive

Help improve provision of basic services to low income communities.

Book "Development Studies 101: A to Z"

Hello Fayyaz's friends and associates,

I am one privileged to be counted among his friends, and a board member of The Knowledge Executive. Over the previous year plus we have collaborated with an artist to produce a unique way to teach international development, through a beautiful 68-page comic book authored by Fayyaz. If you would be so kind as to buy a copy for 5$ on the Gumroad link provided, it will greatly help the furtherance of our cause. Also, if you are inclined, a review on the site would be helpful for others to consider this purchase as well.

We thank you so much in advance, and pray this information finds it's way into youthful energetic hands and vibrant hearts to keep helping the world's impoverished people groups to help themselves!

Monika Hauwert
Board Member, The Knowledge Executive
Thank you - Your contribution is highly appreciated!


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